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"Lack of management is central to the problems with
multiple sourcing. 84% of companies do not have
what they regard as a mature governance model."
— Financial Times

Governance Services

"Ineffective management" — two words that threaten successful outsourcing. ISG Governance Services professionals ensure that you actually receive the savings and efficiencies you signed up for. Flexible, cost-effective managed services, plus a leading workflow tool, allow your staff to focus on decision-making and management while ISG performs the back-office tasks essential for outsourcing success.

Better Governance

  • Global delivery team - on-site, off-site, offshore
  • Innovative, proprietary technology
  • Quality controls on crucial governance processes in real time


  • We typically cost 25% less than any other internal or external management model.

Proven Results

  • Last year, we saved our clients more than double the cost of our services.
  • Every client for whom we provide services has asked us to perform additional work.
  • We manage over $10 billion in Total Contract Value (TCV) for clients around the globe.

Our unmatched combination of operational management capability and performance measurement tools arms you with better control, better value and better results.

Consumption Management

CIOs often don't know what they don't know about their IT asset inventories. A new offering from ISG Governance Services helps provide insight and transparency into their enterprises.