ISG Smartalks


Leveraging Market Price Intelligence to Retain your Outsourcing Clients
Wed, Dec 12, 2018 10:00 AM EST

Successful providers are enhancing their bid processes by proactively integrating independent benchmarking data to establish a market price, challenge a bid price and avoid re-competition at renewal.

Start the new year off ahead of the curve and join our Managing Director, Research - Chris Pattacini and Director, Research - Iain McLurcan for an exclusive webinar on Leveraging Market Price Intelligence to Retain your Outsourcing Clients on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 from 10 AM – 11 AM (ET). 

  • Increasing internal stakeholder confidence with bids validated against the market
  • Using market benchmarks to speed up and improve bid accuracy
  • ISG ProBenchmark® (ProB) use cases showing how subscribers improve bid processes and avoid re-competition at renewal
  • Hear success stories and start developing your own using the leading benchmarking and market price intelligence tool. 


ISG’s Contract KnowledgeBase: What’s New and What’s Next?

Please join the ISG Research Team for a one-hour webinar discussing the latest enhancements to ISG’s Momentum® Contract KnowledgeBase (CKB) and what improvements are on the horizon. 

Successful providers leverage the platform fully and often to support their go-to-market and prospecting activities. End 2018 with a better understanding of the new CKB features to start 2019 ahead of the curve. 

Our research team members will share details on:

  • Real-Time Data: accessing contracts more quickly via the same database the ISG Research Team maintains allowing instant updates
  • Powerful Search Capabilities: extensive filtering capability allows users to search by geography, industry, domain, company name, TCV, ACV, date added and more
  • Data Analytics via Charts: new charts help you to better visualize complex data across multiple contract attributes and dimensions
  • Custom Per-User Alerts: set up search alerts and receive email notification when data for the selected criteria changes
  • Contract Feedback: provide feedback on any contract to the ISG Research Team directly

Why Your Automation COE Needs Its Annual Checkup and Benchmark

Many companies are under pressure to extend automation throughout their enterprises, optimize the investment being made in automation software and center of excellence resources, or break through the “RPA wall” to drive the value proposition that enables the progression from RPA to cognitive.

This webinar will provide insights and guidance into the best practices, strategies and techniques to get there. We’ll address common questions such as:

  • How is my RPA initiative doing compared to others?
  • How is my Center of Excellence (COE) doing compared to best practices?
  • Where can I improve and accelerate?

After this webinar you’ll have a better idea of where your organization stands in relation to other RPA adopters in terms of the Bot 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 growth continuum, and how to progress to higher-performing levels using ISG’s annual COE check-up and benchmark.

Accelerated Bot Building: New Techniques for Meeting Your Q4 RPA Goals
Mark Davison, Linda Delbridge

Companies across the globe are investing heavily in innovative technologies such as RPA to drive operational efficiencies and improve customer experience. But some are finding it increasingly difficult to move their automation initiatives forward quick enough to see a difference.  

In this session, ISG's Global RPA Team will take us through new techniques for RPA acceleration in the 4th quarter. Our automation experts will discuss:

  • Accelerated bot building techniques - Build bots better, faster and more effectively – how to use “super-agile” design thinking best practices to build a bot in a week
  • Production support managed service - A dedicated help desk and production support managed service to support your automated processes, allowing you to repurpose expert bot builders from support to bot building
  • ISG's rapid process assessment - A new, fast and cost-effective way to asses process automatability and obtain a reliable estimate to build and jump start your process governance and selection techniques

There is still time to meet your end-of-year goals. Register now to learn how. 

Top 5 Reasons Providers Lose Deals
Bauke Van Daalen

In today’s business culture where customer satisfaction is the topmost priority, understanding customer expectations not only enables service providers to pursue a deal but also helps to uncover the opportunities at each stage of sales cycle that the client has to offer.

An efficient and effective pursuit strategy is a major contributor to an organization’s long-term success and should be based around a strong set of quantifiable goals.

Please join ISG Director Bauke Van Daalen for our one-hour exclusive webinar “The Top 5 reasons that cost you a deal.”

New ISG Insights RPA Research Findings: Are You Bot 3.0 Ready?

ISG sees intense interest from our clients in RPA as a new tool to improve competitiveness in an increasingly digital economy. Whether they are just getting started with their first bot or scaling hundreds of bots across multiple functions using RPA and cognitive, enterprises have begun to create their next-generation digital workforce.

However, as they do this, three questions almost always emerge:

  1) How does my RPA program compare to my peers?
  2) What do I need to do to improve this capability?
  3) Where are my peers headed?
Please join ISG's Global Research and RPA teams for a webinar presenting the findings around the recent study, Is Your RPA Program Bot 3.0 Ready?

Enterprise Agility – the Key to IT at the Speed of Business
Ola Chowning

Not all business functions require the same speed of technology responsiveness, the same level of digital acuity or the same business acumen. So how do you enable your technology and IT capabilities to respond at the right speed, using the right delivery model and applying the right delivery model? 

Join ISG for a webinar that will address these common enterprise agility challenges and how to better prepare for them. You’ll learn:

  • How to increase speed of response where it’s really needed within your organization
  • The benefit of having business acumen and incentive in your technology teams to drive digital capabilities to solve business problems
  • Ways to help you win your business stakeholders from external, shadow IT

Watch to learn how ISG can lead, support and assist your multi-speed IT and enterprise agility efforts.

Your Key to Success: Differentiate!
Jenn Stein, Randy Vetter

This ISG SmartalkTM will address the importance and need for differentiation between providers in the market.

As a coaching and insight driven session, ISG will detail the unique differentiators in this competitive sourcing world which plays a pivotal role in driving visibility towards a service provider during a competitive transaction scenario. “Differentiation” is the key to being considered for a sourcing transaction even before you are invited for a deal.

This webinar will also help Service Providers understand the expectations from the advisory side and client world.

Does Automation Heighten Compliance Risks?
Mark Davison, Ray Shehata

Despite the myriad of benefits of automation on cost and quality, the proliferation of RPA bots across the environment is keeping compliance officers up at night. If RPA bots are not built right they can lead to major compliance risks.  

In this webinar you'll learn the 5 keys steps necessary to “harden” bots for enhanced compliance performance, turning a potential risk into another benefit of your virtual workforce.

Our experts will discuss:

  • The nature of compliance risk from “unhardened” RPA bots
  • How to design compliant bots emphasizing proper error handling
  • Audit trail automation, proper I/O data configuration controls and more

Register now to learn how ISG assists clients with the “how” of hardening, including the best practices, processes and techniques to enhance compliance and avoid risk.

ISG SmartalkTM Getting the Most Out of Your Cisco Negotiations
Bill Huber, Tyrone Magby, Steven Lytle, Michele Wang

Are you planning to negotiate end-of-year Cisco deals? Does your organization qualify for a strategic pricing agreement? 

Join ISG's Software Advisory Team for a 60-minute webinar, which will provide examples of clients we've helped with Cicso-related purchases and arm you with the most effective negotiation strategies and tactics.

Our expert team will explore how to improve the outcome of your negotiations by discussing:

  • Cisco market update, including revenues, products, executive changes and competitive positioning
  • How Cisco is transitioning from hardware-led sales to software-led sales
  • Case study on support fees and enterprise agreement negotiation
  • Case study on strategic relationship agreements and global SmartNet negotiations

Watch now to gain a better understanding of how ISG can lead, support and assist your negotiation efforts.

ISG SmartalkTM Life Science Bot 2.0 and Bot 3.0 – Are You Ready
Mark Davison, Jenn Stein

Has your organization harnessed the power of robotic process or cognitive automation? Do you understand the importance of having an automation strategy or need help developing one?

Join ISG Global Partner, RPA, Mark Davison and ISG Partner Jennifer Stein for a webinar as they share the latest trends and case studies from the convergence of robotic and cognitive process automation, why you need a “bot vision,” and how to scale your automation program. We'll also discuss:

  • Why you need an automation strategy to get where you’re going
  • What the goals of an automation strategy are and what others are doing
  • Where to start your automation strategy

Register now to learn how ISG can lead, support and assist your automation efforts.

Travel Industry Trends and Predictions
Scott Sanders, Ajay Paul, David

Digitization has brought massive change to the travel and transportation industry, from the way travelers research information to the way they book transportation and lodging. Disruptors have created entirely new business models that challenge traditional, regulated businesses all over the world.

If you’re having trouble understanding where to focus your efforts, where the quick win/cost savings are or how to use those savings to fund your digital strategy, ISG can help. Join our experts for a one-hour webinar identifying the top five trends that are impacting travel companies for 2018.

We’ll also discuss sourcing implications of these trends and how they will drive the digital strategy across the enterprise, as well as the impact on IT strategy and service delivery.

2018 Predictions for the Digital Retail Journey
Michael Witty

This webinar provide 2018 industry predictions and insight into the retail digital journey:

  • What matters today – ISG's Retail/CPG Team will disclose our 2018 retail predictions and provide supporting data from our quarterly ISG Index™ report
  • What matters tomorrow – Key takeaways from the 2018 NRF Big Show

 Getting the Most Out of Your Microsoft Negotiations
ISG Software Advisory Team

Are you planning to negotiate end-of-year Microsoft deals? Are you sorting through options associated with retained Software Assurance (SA), transition to Office 365 productivity and security services, inclusion of Azure and overall time to value for online services deployment? Arm yourself with the most effective negotiation strategies and tactics.

Join our expert team for a webinar exploring how to improve the outcome of your negotiations. We’ll discuss:

  • Microsoft market update, including revenues, products, pricing, executive changes and competitive positioning
  • How Microsoft is “pushing” into new and non-traditional markets such as security and telephony
  • Case study on traditional SA renewal with online risk mitigation
  • Case study on Driving Time-to-Value for online services deployment
  • Case study on Microsoft online transition within a broader supplier portfolio (Cisco, EMC, VMware)

Watch now to gain a better understanding of how ISG can lead, support and assist your negotiation efforts.

Dynamics and Implications of Next-Gen Banking
ISG Partner, Owen Wheatley

Register to watch the recording of ISG Partner, Owen Wheatley, as he discusses how service providers can better serve banking clients.

Banks across the globe are investing heavily in innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain and RPA to drive operational efficiencies and improve customer experience. Banks also are partnering with Fin-Tech and Reg-Tech firms to make sure they can get ahead of the competition. In this session, Owen takes us through the likely impact of such developments on the outsourcing industry.

This one-hour webinar will answer the following questions for service providers:

  • What is the buying behavior of banks today?
  • What is the outsourcing penetration in the banking industry?
  • What are the potential opportunities for service providers?
  • How is technology disrupting sourcing?