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ISG hosts a number of flagship events serving the sourcing industry. Please see ISG Events for details.  

ISG advisors participate in events throughout the year and around the world. The following is a list of where you can find us.


Speaking: Dennis Conley, IPT Property Tax Symposium, November 4 – 7, Orlando

Hosting: Sourcing Industry Conference EMEA, November 5 – 6, London

Sponsoring/Speaking: Brian Mueller, Lara Gorton, TBM Conference, November 6 – 9, Las Vegas

Sponsoring: Mark Davison, Marcus Evans CFO Summit, Nov 8-10, Los Angeles, CA

Hosting: Mark Davison, Dennis Conley, Andreas Lueth, Keri Smith, ISG SmartalkTM Why Your Automation COE Needs Its Annual Checkup & Benchmark, Nov 15, Virtual

Hosting: Frank Bastian, Alexandra Classen, Werner Feld, ISG Banken Round Table Agile Enterprise, November 21, Frankfurt

Attending: David Locke, GSA UK Symposium, November 21 – 22, London

Attending: Douglas Pollei, AWS re:Invent, November 26 – 30, Las Vegas


Sponsoring/Speaking: Mark Davison, Scott Furlong, Intelligent Automation Week Austin, December 3 – 6, Austin