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Sourcing Industry Conferences

The Sourcing Industry Conferences (SIC) support and encourage advancements in sourcing industry practices and knowledge among service providers and law firms around the world. ISG hosts three events each year.

SIC 2014

2014 ISG Americas Sourcing Industry Conference (SIC)
September 29-30, 2014
Dallas, Texas
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2014 ISG India Sourcing Industry Conference (SIC)
October 9, 2014

2014 ISG EMEA Sourcing Industry Conference (SIC)
October 20-21, 2014

Also in October

Speaking: Stanton Jones, 2014 IBM IT Services Legal Summit, "Cloud Computing,” October 23, New York

Speaking: Jon Lightman, ProcureCon Pharma 2014, October 27 – 29, Philadelphia

Sponsor: TBM Conference 2014, October 28 – 30, Miami


Hosting: 8th ISG Roundtable, "ISG Meets Sourcing Industry," November 5, Schuhbeck's Kochschule, Munich, Germany

Sponsoring/Speaking: Jon Butler, FutureSource Summit, November 6 – 7, Four Seasons, Mexico City

FutureSource Summit
FutureSource Summit is an executive-level conference arriving at an entirely new moment in the history of Mexico’s business technology and outsourcing services sector. The primary deliverable of FutureSource is to shine a bright light on the major steps Mexico is taking toward global leadership in IT – by revealing the core of Mexico’s innovative spirit in technology; providing a high-quality platform for outsourcing services’ best practices and enabling internationcal networking, knowledge exchange and investment inducement.

Speaking: Simon Durbin, ITSMF UK Conference and Exhibition 2014, November 10 – 11, London

Speaking: Clay Calhoun, BMC conference, November 12 – 15, Macau, Hong Kong

Sponsoring: Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2014, November 24 – 27, Estrel Berlin

Speaking: Tuomas Ritola, hosted event by Krogerus (Finnish law firm), November 26, Helsinki

Sponsoring: EuroCIO Annual Conference, November 26 – 27, Le Palace Hotel, Brussels


Speaking: Alexandre Hedayat, IAOP Russia - ASTRA Association, "From System Integration to Outsourcing Business Model: Challenges, Best Practices and Road Map,” December 8, Moscow